A White Woman’s View on Black Lives Matter…Too

Black Lives Matter – When me generalizing “you” is bad, then you generalizing “you” is bad

As part of my efforts to stay informed, I read many articles about politics and sociology. Because I often feel like the “news” article presents a singular point of view of the author and most particularly of the organization, I also scroll down to the comments section.

I find that reading the comments section gives me a view of what others are thinking. This is true no matter what “view” is presented in the actual piece. Angry people and intellectuals of both sides will present “their” story.

What I am finding is that there is a tremendous amount of anger on either side of the race issues troubling our society.

Regarding the Black Lives Matter “movement not a moment”, the originators of the “official” BLM group are three women who intended for the movement to meant “Black Lives Matter Too”. That is not what they said though.

What they said was simply “Black Lives Matter”. This slogan has been used by groups promoting violence, by groups loudly protesting the statement “All Lives Matter”. This has been done to the point of guilting one politician into an apology and by pushing another politician who was likely the most supportive of the movement, off of the stage at his own political gathering, depriving the thousands of people who had come to hear him speak, the opportunity to do so. Other times, it has been done with much greater violent efforts.

Many white people have responded in anger, hate and vitriol with statements of “F*** You” or other statements that are much, much worse and sometimes SHOUTED on the internet. Others who attempt to be more reasonable state simply “All lives matter”, often provoking a stream of “F*** You” from the black “side” or other statements that are much, much worse and sometimes SHOUTED on the internet.

The BLM position is that saying “All lives matter” is inherently dismissive of the original intent of Black Lives Matter…Too. But they didn’t say “Too” and many who are co-opting the name and slogan, seem unaware of that unsaid “too”.

They promote violence against “whitey”, “crackers” and “pigs”. “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon” and all – specifically directed against white cops, not all cops, but white cops. Many tirades on comment streams and YouTube openly demand the killing of whites – in retribution, or just because. My daughter and all of her white friends are called “Becky” at school, by a particular black girl.  Her name is not Becky, nor are any of her friends named Becky. I would never have named her Becky because the name brings up bad memories but she is called that because the black girl said “That is the whitest name I can think of”. Not violent, but racist. Imagine if my daughter called the black girls “Tamika” or “Quanesha”?  Neither are violent, but racist. One is OK, one is not.

One blog I recently read, entitled “I Don’t Discuss Racism With White People“, written by a black man, an apparently peaceful man (and I say that because I don’t know him), had the position that all white people were inherently responsible for correcting a problem of racism because “they” had all benefited from “white privilege” even if only tangentially. He stated that in his view, even white children were responsible.

The Black Lives Matter and many of the peaceful who are not members of the movement, bristle when they feel like they are generalized as part of a group who is promoting violence and say “I” am not like that. They dislike the generalization of “you”.

But they also bristle when white people who are given examples of virulent racism, say “I” am not like that. They, even as peaceful as they are, want to believe in the “you” of racism against blacks. “You” whites are all racists, whether you know it or not.

Many of the angry black people inevitably bring up the KKK and white supremacists as examples of why promoting violence against whites is OK, at the same time, denying membership in new groups that are violent. Whites who say “I” am not a member of KKK, white supremacy or any other hate group are dismissed as ignorant people who just don’t get it because “we” are “privileged”.

Why is it OK to support the violent anger of some young men and women, to deny participation, to object to generalizations about blacks, while is also OK to generalize about whites? Why, if you as a peaceful person are not responsible for the views of a few, do you insist that I am responsible for the violence of the KKK, slavery, and Jim Crow laws that largely happened before I was born.

I am not a young woman and yet the civil rights movement which ended Jim Crow – and much of the KKK activity, happened before I was born and I am to be responsible. Slavery ended before my great, great, great grandparents were born yet I am to be held responsible. In an even greater offense, my children who are not even yet out of public schooling are to be responsible. They have never used the “n” word but cannot utter the word “black” for threat of being labeled a racist. They are identified as racist even if they say nothing, simply because they are white.

They cannot help the skin they were born in any more than the black children can.

Cities are burning, people live in desperate poverty, people are dying – yes, many of them are black. Those black people deserve attention.

As a white person, I know that many whites live in poverty and die at the hands of another race as well. That is dismissed as unimportant because even those poor, dead people must have benefited from white privilege at some point and so were inherently responsible.

What happened in our country years ago was wrong. I cannot change that. What is happening now is today.

It seems as if the violence of “Hands up, don’t shoot” is not a noble attempt to bring a change so that all people are equal, but to drag others down into misery with them.

Don’t you see, that if you truly believe “we” whites have not changed, allowing a violent group of young, angry black men and women to take out their frustration on “us” in violence will bring back the violent behavior that you believe has bubbled under the surface back out so that “we” will be forced to act against “you” black people. Don’t you see?

Why do more of those who are not a part of the violence not speak out against the violence? Don’t you see that standing by, while angry black young men and women commit violence against white people is silent support of their violence?

Don’t you see that when a group of angry black young men and women commit violence against a group of young white men and women, you will make them angry even if they weren’t? Don’t you see that we can still become the thing that you fear? “We” once were, some of us still are – and we can, as a group, become that again.

I assure you, that the capacity for my children to become hateful, violent racist is there. In the same way that you can make a puppy into a vicious dog, you can make children into vicious adults. Is that what you want? Just like “you” stand by today, defend the rights of the oppressed young to be violent or even just stay silent, “we” can stand by tomorrow when the clock turns back 50 or 60 years.

I am not asking that you lay down in submission. I am asking that you hold your head high and speak for what is right. I am also asking that you not expect my children to lay down in submission, to pay retribution for since of their forefathers. I would rather they hold their heads high and speak for what is right but someday, they may not.

A White Woman’s View on Black Lives Matter…Too

Yes, I Am Against Illegal Immigration

In case you misunderstand:

While it is true that I do not support amnesty, legalization or simply ignoring the “undocumented” status of the millions of illegals who have flooded our country, this does not mean that I am against legal immigration.

It does not mean that I am “against” Hispanics, Latinos, Mexicans, Hondurans, Guatemalans or any other group of Hispanic origin.

It simply means that I am against any activity which allows an acknowledged 11.6 million people to start out in our country by breaking our laws. The true number of illegal immigration is likely 10 percent of our population or 35 million people.  Even by numbers acknowledged by our government, we now have nearly 20 percent of Mexico’s population in the United States, counting both recent legal and illegal immigrants.

Our immigration system is broken. I have worked on documents for engineers, models, scientists, physicians from various nationalities who were appealing denial of visas which they were attempting to obtain through legal means.  It took months, sometimes years, for those legal immigrants or even long-time visitors to get approved.

Despite the official government word, few, if any, of these “undocumented” people even tried to come here legally. They are outlaws and have now been allowed to jump line over people who do not need, do not want services, subsidies or other support and have done the right thing.

Those citizens of the US who consider themselves disenfranchised, disadvantaged or downtrodden will now find themselves shoved to the back of the line….legally. Too bad for you, someone just took your spot.

For those of you who say illegals contribute to our society by paying taxes – I have two things to say:

  1. If they are to be identified as “undocumented” immigrants, isn’t it true that they are then by definition, undocumented.  If they, as undocumented immigrants, actually have documents which allow them to pay taxes, they are illegally using those documents, obtained by illegal means to remain here illegally
  2. Statistics show that the average illegal household does pay about $11,000 into our “system”.  But the same statistics say that those same illegal households receive $26,000 in services and benefits.  For those of you who believe illegals cannot get “entitlement” services like medicaid, food stamps, housing subsidies – you are wrong.  They can and they do.

They also get schooling which becomes a big, local issue.

My kids school district has a budget of about 7.3 million for 600 kids (about 11 thousand per kid). An illegal, non-English speaking child who also requires additional tutoring to cover educational deficits with speed learning will cost a minimum of 18 thousand per kid (low estimate) or more in smaller districts who cannot share resources.

In dollars and cents this means that for the 60 illegals who entered our small school this year (only about an average of 5 per grade), there is an expected $1.1 million deficit which must come as $1 thousand less per student in the school district. Fewer chairs, fewer teachers, fewer supplies, less equipment, less opportunity for learning.

This does is in addition to the public money that must be used to provide school supplies, medical care, clothing, food…sometimes housing and job assistance (which I as a US citizen am barred from obtaining).  Most of this is a State problem.

I am against this.  I am against people who want to return 7 states of the U.S. to “Aztlan”.  If you don’t know what that is, look it up.  Once upon a time, the Southern states wanted to leave the Union but were disallowed.  Why will we allow a portion of our country to be co-opted?

Yes, I am against people who disregarded one of our most basic foundation laws, stealing education from OUR children and want to take our country, be they of any color, ethnicity, or nationality.

Yes, I Am Against Illegal Immigration

Have I had my multi-level guilt for today?

You must read the whole thing before you disregard what I say…

I don’t want

people who are black to feel shame because they were born in their own skin

people who are gay to feel bad because they were born as such

people to be forced to practice Christianity

people to be forbidden to enter gay marriages or to enter biracial marriages

people to be forced to bear children they do not want or to be forbidden to adopt children who are not “like” them

men to suppress women

This also means I don’t want

people of any color to feel shame because they were born in their own skin

people of any sexual orientation to feel bad because they were born as such

people to be forced to practice any religion

people to be forbidden to enter relationships or marriages of their choice

people to be forced or forbidden to have or to not have children in their lives

either gender to be thought of as “less than”because they are male or female

But this also means

I don’t want my children to feel shame because they are white

I don’t want my children to feel bad because they are heterosexual

I don’t want my children to be forbidden to practice Christianity

I don’t want my children to feel bad because they believe Christianity is right

I don’t want my children to feel bad because they choose to enter a traditional heterosexual marriage within their own race

I don’t want my children to feel bad because they choose to bear their own children of the same race as them

I don’t want my son to feel as if being a man is not important

Should I forbid my white daughter to grow up and enter a gay marriage with a black lesbian and adopt children from other countries to practice a religion other than my own?

I shouldn’t

Should I encourage my white son who grows up to enter a traditional Christian heterosexual marriage to a white woman, having natural born white children to feel ashamed because he did so?

I shouldn’t

Should I encourage my daughter of Anglo-saxon heritage who is heterosexual by nature to marry a lesbian of other than white heritage, become an atheist and adopt children of other nations who are a variety of races and to be proud simply because she did so?

I shouldn’t

Should I encourage my white son who grows up to enter a traditional Christian heterosexual marriage to a heterosexual white woman,having natural born white children to prostrate himself in shame so that the lesbian of other than white heritage in a gay marriage who adopted a non-Caucasian children of other nations may walk on him?

I shouldn’t

I should

Encourage my children of Norwegian, German, English and otherwise white heritage to grow up and if they choose to marry in a traditional, Christian marriage, to heterosexual mates and have their own, natural children, to be proud of who they are – white, Christian, heterosexual, men and women with children….when did what was right for them

Why is that wrong?

Have I had my multi-level guilt for today?

Federal Funding of Planned Parenthood is Wrong

I realize that my stance may anger some people – on both sides of this issue

Considering the recent videos about Planned Parenthood’s use of fetal tissue – which may or may not have been sold, may or may not have been “donated” without the woman’s consent, may or may not have been harvested following alteration of abortion method….all of which are illegal – which may or may not be edited to show only inflammatory images (highly inflammatory) and mostly considering the prevalence of late-stage abortion and the attitude towards it that employees and management of Planned Parenthood appear to express, I am concerned.

I have not been wholly “anti-abortion”, in fact I never thought about it that much at all. It never occurred to me that someone would get an abortion beyond the first trimester – rarely even in the case where a woman’s health was in danger.

I am still not wholly opposed to abortion and believe that a right to choose, under certain conditions should be a part of the discussion – but after becoming a mother and really learning – even though I am medically trained – how developed a fetus is at the end of the first trimester….I cannot see beyond that date and cannot see how anyone, even simply looking at a 12 week sonogram could not see that this is a baby with arms and legs and fingers and toes and a beating heart – not a lima bean.

I realize that supporters of Planned Parenthood claim that no government funding is ever used for abortion. Actually, until a few years ago – I didn’t really know that Planned Parenthood had many abortion clinics – as in my geographic area, they do not.

I have used Planned Parenthood – in my younger years – for birth control and I was happy to do so as even though I did not have insurance and could not prove financial need, the full-cost services were much more affordable than a new patient exam at an Ob-gyn office just to get birth control pills.

I find myself disturbed however and even beyond the disturbing discussion and images of late-stage abortion – What I don’t understand is how an organization that gets a significant portion of its funding from the government can claim that “none” of the government money is used to fund abortion. I know that numbers on paper are just that. Receiving money and allocating it to specific areas is a simple matter of moving line items on a spreadsheet.
A larger portion of their funding is from “private donors” but the private donors include:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac
  • March of Dimes
  • Public Welfare Foundation
  • Susan G. Komen
  • United Way

I realize that all of these organizations provide public service but the point is that they all receive government funding and then give part of that money to Planned Parenthood as a “private” donor which can be used however Planned Parenthood chooses – including for late-stage abortion services.

In addition, many Planned Parenthood patients are on Medicaid and even if they are not, now with the advent of the ACA….or Obamacare…the low income women they are serving should be covered by some type of health insurance – which Planned Parenthood will assist them in getting if they are not “signed up”.

Unbeknownst to many, in most places – Medicaid itself pays for abortion. Yes, it does. Pregnant women with very little documentation can apply for and receive Medicaid easily in most states. Abortion is covered.

So Planned Parenthood receives direct government funding, they receive indirect government funding and they receive payment for some women (or now, many) in the form of Medicaid or ACA insurance – directly or indirectly from the government. No matter how you look at it – it is triple dipping…and then they receive “reimbursement” for fetal tissue from private companies – or worse, government supported research programs – which makes it quadruple dipping.

They also use some of that money to contribute to political campaigns…all of which were Democrat in the last election cycle – except for one Republican.

I do believe that Planned Parenthood has provided and is a support for women’s healthcare but there is something wrong here and anyone who cannot see that is not looking.

Federal Funding of Planned Parenthood is Wrong

What You Think I Am

Today when you read my posts – if you read them, you will believe that I am a White Conservative Republican and that is fine, today.

For the next year or so, likely I will appear to be a White Conservative Republican – and that is fine.

While you are at it – go ahead and throw in: Christian, Heterosexual, White, Conservative, Traditionally-married Mother who gave birth to 3 White, Blonde, Children.  Go ahead and believe that I am some, specific person.  It is true, I am not non-caucasian, lesbian, unmarried or childless.  I am not in a mixed-race marriage.  I am not exactly liberal.  I am Christian.  It is what it is and that is fine.

Seven years ago, you would have believed that I was a Democrat.  I would possibly still been identified as White – but likely the other labels wouldn’t have mattered so much.  Today they do.

In a few years, you may find me to be not exactly conservative, you may believe I am a Democrat.  I will still be White, Christian, Heterosexual, a Mother of 3 White, Blonde Children, and God-willing, my husband will still be alive in our Traditional-marriage.

Despite the fact that my views appear to support “one side” or the other, they do not.  I speak my mind and if you are offended, I will not apologize.

What You Think I Am