Federal Funding of Planned Parenthood is Wrong

I realize that my stance may anger some people – on both sides of this issue

Considering the recent videos about Planned Parenthood’s use of fetal tissue – which may or may not have been sold, may or may not have been “donated” without the woman’s consent, may or may not have been harvested following alteration of abortion method….all of which are illegal – which may or may not be edited to show only inflammatory images (highly inflammatory) and mostly considering the prevalence of late-stage abortion and the attitude towards it that employees and management of Planned Parenthood appear to express, I am concerned.

I have not been wholly “anti-abortion”, in fact I never thought about it that much at all. It never occurred to me that someone would get an abortion beyond the first trimester – rarely even in the case where a woman’s health was in danger.

I am still not wholly opposed to abortion and believe that a right to choose, under certain conditions should be a part of the discussion – but after becoming a mother and really learning – even though I am medically trained – how developed a fetus is at the end of the first trimester….I cannot see beyond that date and cannot see how anyone, even simply looking at a 12 week sonogram could not see that this is a baby with arms and legs and fingers and toes and a beating heart – not a lima bean.

I realize that supporters of Planned Parenthood claim that no government funding is ever used for abortion. Actually, until a few years ago – I didn’t really know that Planned Parenthood had many abortion clinics – as in my geographic area, they do not.

I have used Planned Parenthood – in my younger years – for birth control and I was happy to do so as even though I did not have insurance and could not prove financial need, the full-cost services were much more affordable than a new patient exam at an Ob-gyn office just to get birth control pills.

I find myself disturbed however and even beyond the disturbing discussion and images of late-stage abortion – What I don’t understand is how an organization that gets a significant portion of its funding from the government can claim that “none” of the government money is used to fund abortion. I know that numbers on paper are just that. Receiving money and allocating it to specific areas is a simple matter of moving line items on a spreadsheet.
A larger portion of their funding is from “private donors” but the private donors include:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac
  • March of Dimes
  • Public Welfare Foundation
  • Susan G. Komen
  • United Way

I realize that all of these organizations provide public service but the point is that they all receive government funding and then give part of that money to Planned Parenthood as a “private” donor which can be used however Planned Parenthood chooses – including for late-stage abortion services.

In addition, many Planned Parenthood patients are on Medicaid and even if they are not, now with the advent of the ACA….or Obamacare…the low income women they are serving should be covered by some type of health insurance – which Planned Parenthood will assist them in getting if they are not “signed up”.

Unbeknownst to many, in most places – Medicaid itself pays for abortion. Yes, it does. Pregnant women with very little documentation can apply for and receive Medicaid easily in most states. Abortion is covered.

So Planned Parenthood receives direct government funding, they receive indirect government funding and they receive payment for some women (or now, many) in the form of Medicaid or ACA insurance – directly or indirectly from the government. No matter how you look at it – it is triple dipping…and then they receive “reimbursement” for fetal tissue from private companies – or worse, government supported research programs – which makes it quadruple dipping.

They also use some of that money to contribute to political campaigns…all of which were Democrat in the last election cycle – except for one Republican.

I do believe that Planned Parenthood has provided and is a support for women’s healthcare but there is something wrong here and anyone who cannot see that is not looking.

Federal Funding of Planned Parenthood is Wrong