Yes, I Am Against Illegal Immigration

In case you misunderstand:

While it is true that I do not support amnesty, legalization or simply ignoring the “undocumented” status of the millions of illegals who have flooded our country, this does not mean that I am against legal immigration.

It does not mean that I am “against” Hispanics, Latinos, Mexicans, Hondurans, Guatemalans or any other group of Hispanic origin.

It simply means that I am against any activity which allows an acknowledged 11.6 million people to start out in our country by breaking our laws. The true number of illegal immigration is likely 10 percent of our population or 35 million people.  Even by numbers acknowledged by our government, we now have nearly 20 percent of Mexico’s population in the United States, counting both recent legal and illegal immigrants.

Our immigration system is broken. I have worked on documents for engineers, models, scientists, physicians from various nationalities who were appealing denial of visas which they were attempting to obtain through legal means.  It took months, sometimes years, for those legal immigrants or even long-time visitors to get approved.

Despite the official government word, few, if any, of these “undocumented” people even tried to come here legally. They are outlaws and have now been allowed to jump line over people who do not need, do not want services, subsidies or other support and have done the right thing.

Those citizens of the US who consider themselves disenfranchised, disadvantaged or downtrodden will now find themselves shoved to the back of the line….legally. Too bad for you, someone just took your spot.

For those of you who say illegals contribute to our society by paying taxes – I have two things to say:

  1. If they are to be identified as “undocumented” immigrants, isn’t it true that they are then by definition, undocumented.  If they, as undocumented immigrants, actually have documents which allow them to pay taxes, they are illegally using those documents, obtained by illegal means to remain here illegally
  2. Statistics show that the average illegal household does pay about $11,000 into our “system”.  But the same statistics say that those same illegal households receive $26,000 in services and benefits.  For those of you who believe illegals cannot get “entitlement” services like medicaid, food stamps, housing subsidies – you are wrong.  They can and they do.

They also get schooling which becomes a big, local issue.

My kids school district has a budget of about 7.3 million for 600 kids (about 11 thousand per kid). An illegal, non-English speaking child who also requires additional tutoring to cover educational deficits with speed learning will cost a minimum of 18 thousand per kid (low estimate) or more in smaller districts who cannot share resources.

In dollars and cents this means that for the 60 illegals who entered our small school this year (only about an average of 5 per grade), there is an expected $1.1 million deficit which must come as $1 thousand less per student in the school district. Fewer chairs, fewer teachers, fewer supplies, less equipment, less opportunity for learning.

This does is in addition to the public money that must be used to provide school supplies, medical care, clothing, food…sometimes housing and job assistance (which I as a US citizen am barred from obtaining).  Most of this is a State problem.

I am against this.  I am against people who want to return 7 states of the U.S. to “Aztlan”.  If you don’t know what that is, look it up.  Once upon a time, the Southern states wanted to leave the Union but were disallowed.  Why will we allow a portion of our country to be co-opted?

Yes, I am against people who disregarded one of our most basic foundation laws, stealing education from OUR children and want to take our country, be they of any color, ethnicity, or nationality.

Yes, I Am Against Illegal Immigration