What You Think I Am

Today when you read my posts – if you read them, you will believe that I am a White Conservative Republican and that is fine, today.

For the next year or so, likely I will appear to be a White Conservative Republican – and that is fine.

While you are at it – go ahead and throw in: Christian, Heterosexual, White, Conservative, Traditionally-married Mother who gave birth to 3 White, Blonde, Children.  Go ahead and believe that I am some, specific person.  It is true, I am not non-caucasian, lesbian, unmarried or childless.  I am not in a mixed-race marriage.  I am not exactly liberal.  I am Christian.  It is what it is and that is fine.

Seven years ago, you would have believed that I was a Democrat.  I would possibly still been identified as White – but likely the other labels wouldn’t have mattered so much.  Today they do.

In a few years, you may find me to be not exactly conservative, you may believe I am a Democrat.  I will still be White, Christian, Heterosexual, a Mother of 3 White, Blonde Children, and God-willing, my husband will still be alive in our Traditional-marriage.

Despite the fact that my views appear to support “one side” or the other, they do not.  I speak my mind and if you are offended, I will not apologize.

What You Think I Am